Avoiding insider threats to enterprise security

Summary IBM Protection Privileged Identity Manager aids organizations to securely handle and track the tasks of blessed users, therefore reducing the risk of violations, improving conformity and guaranteeing liability. The IBM white paper explains exactly how IBM Protection Privileged Identity Supervisor provides enhanced security across numerous IT settings by centralising and controlling using fortunate identities. Audits

What Are My Chances of Being Audited?

Good news! The chance you’ll need an IRS tax attorney because you’re being audited isn’t that great. You have about the same chance of dying in a motor vehicle accident (1:100). Last year the IRS audited 1.1% of the more than 142 million returns filed the year before, but for taxpayers making less than $200,000, the rate dropped a bit […]

What is MVC architecture in PHP ?

Hi friends, Today I am going to tell you how MVC architecture works. MVC stands or Model-View-Controller Architecture using which rich applications can be created. It was invented by Trygve Reenskaug. Generally while writing a dynamic website say in PHP (Here I am telling about MVC in PHP) we create some page like sample.php in which we put HTML code along […]