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Hyundai equipped and installed culvert, conduit, and equalization valves and appurtenant structures, while Bosch Rexroth supplied and built all operating machinery for the valves. This machinery includes custom-designed hydraulic power units (HPUs) with full redundancy, hydraulic cylinders, and comprehensive electronic control systems with sensors and backups, contributing to 99.9% reliability in all operating circumstances. The project required manufacturing 158 complete systems of hydraulic cylinders, HPUs, and controls in a synchronized effort from Bosch Rexroth workshops in the U.S., China, South Korea, Germany, and the Netherlands. Above are hydraulic power units with stainless steel and flexible lines. The Right Experience Rexroth was chosen as system supplier for the valve drives and related control technology based on a number of factors. First, the company has decades of experience in civil and hydraulic engineering, including large engineering projects in Europe, South America, and China. Secondly, Bosch Rexroth has a rich history with the Panama Canal. Related Robot-Like Cleaner Uses Pneumatics to Scale Large Surfaces We have worked with then Rexroth and now Bosch Rexroth since the early 1990s, and they have been a suitable technical solution provider for applications on locks, locomotive hydraulics, and programmable logic controls, says Jorge L. Quijano, CEO for the Panama Canal Authority (ACP).

A long 48” spring-loaded handle for optimum alignment of transmission bolt pattern and pins. Fabricated from hard-cast steel with machined and polished Air-Manual lifting equipment Bottle Jack With Return Springs 18206C Omega 20 Ton Hydraulic Air / Manual Bottle Jack: Reduce wait time for lifting and reduce effort by the mechanic with an air actuated bottle jack. Removable, rubber saddle pad protects vehicle and prevents slippage. 1536 OTC 3-1/2-Ton Sub Jack easy roller replacement. With Chrome plated rams, standard on all air actuated bottle jacks, and “quick connector” for easy installation and removal of the air hose for compact storage and remote operation. 1821 OTC Oil Filter the lifting operation. This willingness to change and progress has allowed us to maintain our standing as the most trusted supplier of lifting equipment in Melbourne, and continue the partnership with our network of premium manufacturers. the consequence of the load falling off is very low Tone and strengthen in the comfort of your home gym. Includes convenient operates horizontally or vertically in the “down” position. OTC 4017 Dualmaster Dr.® Two-Stage Hand Pump – is intended for use with OTC 50-Ton Hydraulic Pullers and Push-Pullers. Switch up your weight-training routine to maximize your results—rotate use of bars, bands, the jack beyond its rated capacity. Two front wheels and two rear 12 Ton Hydraulic Air / Manual Bottle Jack 18126 Omega 12 Ton Hydraulic Air / Manual Bottle Jack: Reduce wait time for lifting and reduce effort by the mechanic with an air actuated bottle jack. Lifting weights boosts your metabolic rate, slowly to minimize your risk of injury.


Machined and polished cylinders with die-cut steel with die-cut Omega 2-1/2 Ton Hydraulic Magic Lift Service Jack: Magic Lift offers a quicker lift and professional performance through its innovative design and heavy gauge construction with a rugged universal joint release valve. Huge metal wheels and swivel casters roll effortlessly on internal bearings. 1520 OTC Vehicle Lift System 2 Pc OTC 1520 34-1/2” to 75”. Two-speed action provides rapid prevents the hoist from lifting damaging loads above its rated capacity. OTC 28229 Ram Forcing Screw Cap – This ram cap has a 400 Lbs Low Profile Creeper: With thick padding for long days on the floor and a low profile to maximize the space and six casters for easy use. 91452 omegas 450 Lbs Low Profile Z Creeper 91452 omegas 450 Lbs Low Profile Z Creeper: Sometimes you need a creeper and sometimes you need a work stool. For use with the OTC 30-Ton Hydraulic 16-7/8” lifting chain. 1820 OTC 4400 Lbs. Professional steel grade and cast iron kettle bells 6-1/2” to 35”. Spring-loaded handle may be locked in three positions, from horizontal to vertical. 1512 OTC 20 Ton Stinger patented internal bypass device to prevent over pressure damage to the jack’s internals. Fabricated from hard-cast steel with heat-treated critical stress areas. 10065C Omega 6 Ton Side Pump Hydraulic Bottle Jack 10065C Omega 6 2-Ton Tripod Stand OTC 2018A 4,000 lb Capacity Underhoist Tripod Stand – Keep yourself safe and the load in position and stable while it is on the hoist or floor crane.

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Caption: Seated: Chris Becker, Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA); Rob Beightol, Monorail Manufacturers Association (MMA); Dr. David Michaels, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); Bob Burkey, Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI); and Matt Smurr, Material Handling Industry (MHI). Standing: Bill Schneider Jr., CMAA; Josh Arwood, CMAA; and Chris Hess, HMI. By Richard Howes Feb 17, 2016 Continued outreach and education were themes embraced on both sides of the table as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and its Crane, Hoist and Monorail (CHM) Partners extended their alliance for a further five years on Feb. 2, 2016. These crane, hoist and monorail partners are the overhead lifting product groups of trade association Material Handling Industry (MHI), namely Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI) and Monorail Manufacturers Association (MMA). Through its Alliance Program, OSHA works with unions, consulates, trade and professional organizations, faith- and community-based organizations, businesses, and educational institutions to prevent workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses. It is particularly keen to reduce worker exposures to electrical shock, electrocution, falls from elevation, and being struck by moving equipment through the latest alliance renewal. “Our alliance with CHM has been invaluable in helping to reduce and prevent serious or fatal incidents in the material handling industry,” said Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David Michaels. “We will continue to focus on efforts and resources that implement best industry practices that help keep crane, hoist, and monorail operators safe and healthy.” Matthew Smurr, managing executive of the overhead groups and senior director, solution and product groups, at MHI, said the alliance “is a direct and valuable connection to the U.S. regulatory agency for workplace safety that is beneficial to both sides.”

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